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Trip Preparation;


-Before you endeavour to do a cycle trip, ensure you have the right bike for that route and that it has had a full service, ensuring the bikes best possible condition.
-Take extras; inner tube, bicycle pump, emergency repair/tool kit, secure bike lock, map holder, water bottle & holder.
-If you plan to cycle at night, make sure your bike is fitted with the correct lights.


-Plan your trip well, know your limitations and arrange your accommodation in advance. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast.
-Know your highway code and get familiar with the laws for cyclists, there are implications for breaking the rules!
-Wear appropriate clothing; include waterproofs, thin & breathable layered cycle wear, gloves, sunglasses, correct footwear & helmet. Carry with you a high visibility bib when riding in the dark and a fleece to keep warm when temperatures drop.

-In advance of your trip, get fit and eat right!
-We recommend you spend some time researching the right training to optimise your cycling then recharging your body with appropriate drinks and foods.
-Fuel your body with fresh vegetables and lean protein.
-Carry water with you at all times.
-Have a small stock of high energy drinks and protein bars to see off those slumps!

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