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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Information

Ecocabs Cycle Transport Booking Conditions
All passengers must be at the pre –arranged Pick Up point at the allocated time. If any unauthorised waiting time is incurred, then this will be charged at £4 per every 15 minutes of unauthorised waiting.
When arranging Pick Up points following your Cycle Ride, please try and be realistic about times, we understand that this is not an exact science and we do exercise some degree of common sense about timings but any unnecessary waiting time can result in extra waiting charges being imposed, depending on circumstances.
Pick Up and Drop-Off Points must be agreed in advance with Ecocabs. These cannot be altered without prior agreement with Ecocabs, otherwise a surcharge may be imposed.
Prior to Cycles being loaded on to trailers, all loose equipment eg Water Bottles, Speedometers, Gel Seats, panniers, etc should be removed by customers. If they are left on the Cycles, then this is done entirely at the owner’s risk.

Allocated Vehicles

1 – 4   Passengers will be provided with a 4 Seat Vehicle and appropriate Cycle Trailer.
5 – 7   Passengers will be provided with a People Carrier and appropriate Cycle Trailer.
9 – 16 Passengers will be provided with a 16 seat Minibus and large Cycle Trailer.
16 - 22   Passengers will be allocated either a Minicoach or a combination of Minibuses and appropriate Cycle Trailers.
22 + Large Parties of Cyclists will be allocated Coaches and appropriate Cycle Trailers.
We have all necessary insurance policies in place, it is important to note that our insurance covers any damage sustained only as a result of negligence or fault incurred by Ecocabs. Any other damage incurred will be payable by third party insurers.
It is strongly advised that customers have some form of personal insurance in place in the event of a third party being uninsured.
The above conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

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