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Seahouses to Newcastle 1 Day Cycle Ride

The perfect day ride out… an enjoyable 55 miles (85Km) along quiet country roads, a few main roads and coastal routes from the picturesque town of Seahouses to Newcastle’s lively quayside.
This cycle ride forms part of the Coast & Castles route, following predominantly national route number 1. We’d suggest a leisurely pace set out across the entire day so that the sites and sights can be fully appreciated.

The Northumberland coastline is a splendour of beautiful towns and villages and they each offer charming hospitality where you can take a pit-stop or two.

The cycle route is suitable for all riders, so whether you’re looking for a day out with your family or you fancy a get-together with friends, experienced or beginner, this is a cycle ride for all.

<span museo_sans100,="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 17.7777786254883px;="" line-height:="" 32.5714302062988px;"="">We can fully support your ride from start to finish and supply bike transport to the start point and collection from the end point. Baggage transfers can also be arranged and delivered to your chosen accommodation along the route ahead of your arrival.

Eco Cycle Adventures has capabilities to cater for all sized groups.

Our fleet comprises of cars, mini buses and mini coaches, fully equipped with specialised bike trailers and top of the range Thule bike carriers. We regularly service the Coast & Castles route 1 and the Seahouses to Newcastle routes with 8 – 16 & 22 people with bikes, but we have capacity to take up to 70+ at one time.

Our team, some with first aid training and with a general knowledge of bike mechanics, if requested are enthusiastic, friendly and eager to help.

Bike Transport & Bag Transfer;

We will collect you from your home or arranged meeting point with your friends and transport you and your bike to the start point of the Seahouses to Newcastle Cycle Route.

After you have completed your cycle ride in Newcastle, we will greet you with a smile and a well-deserved pat on the back and transport you & your bike back home.

Our Service;

Our aim at Eco Cycle Adventures is to take the hassle out of your cycle tour and enhance your experience and enjoyment of this fantastic day ride.

We provide comfortable transport, top of the range bike carriers and bike trailers.

Our drivers are experienced and professional, more than qualified to support you on your adventure and we can even provide some with first aid training and a general knowledge of bike mechanics

Eco Cycle Adventures are also able to provide back-up support for self-guided trips or a professional and experienced tour guide to support you on your cycle route, please speak to us to discuss this additional service.

Also, check our list of trusted eating places to plan your route down to the last detail.

Our transfer packages for riders, bikes and bags will vary depending upon whether you’re collected from your home, multiple collection points, transport hubs or the amount of people travelling in your group.

Firstly, if you need to be transported to the start of the cycle route you’re about to embark, you need to establish where you would like to be collected with your bike & baggage. Also, will this be one point for all or does each of your group require separate collections from different points?

Next, depending on the length of your cycle route and the number of days you’re cycling will dictate how many stop-overs you require. Find this out and we will collect your baggage and take it ahead of your arrival to your chosen accommodation, then collect it the following day and do the same for the duration of your cycle route. At the end of the ride, we will collect you and your group with bags and take you back to your pre-arranged drop-off point, again this may be one point for the whole group or individual drop-off’s.

All of our transfer packages for riders, bikes and baggage are individually priced with all of the above taken into consideration. We are very competitive and take care with each enquiry having already transported thousands of enthusiastic riders and their invaluable bikes and even more bags.

Please do not hesitate to get in-touch for your quote today, email us, call us or simply click on the enquiry form, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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