16 September 2017

Layering For Cold Weather Cycling


As the weather begins to chill it’s time to start layering up on the cycle apparel. Make sure you have all the appropriate clothes for the cold weather with our guidance on layering up to keep warm.

The first layer needs to be thin and moisture resistant. Layers that retain moisture can make you uncomfortable and cold in the long run.

The second layer is what will keep you warm. Go for a light material in autumn but swap for a fleece lined one when winter begins. Remember to keep it comfy – comfort can be as important as warmth.

The third outer layer is to protect against the elements. There are plenty of windproof and waterproof that can keep you warm and dry.

As it’s only September you may be able to forego the second layer for the time-being but you’ll probably need in October.

The next step is the cycling tights. If you prefer shorts all year round you could pair your shorts with legwarmers to keep warm. Most people will opt for the full-length ones and you can even buy fleece lined ones for when winter really begins.

A helmet can help to keep you warm to stop any heat being released from your head. You can even buy skull caps and under helmets to keep you extra toastie.

Gloves are essential for cycling when the temperature drops. You can buy wind resistant cycling gloves to help keep your hands warm which will be useful since your hands remain mostly stationary when cycling.

Overshoes are a slip over cover for your cycling shoes. They are waterproof and windproof keeping your trainers dry.

With more spray on the road mudguards for your bike can also keep you dry and comfortable. As it gets closer to winter it’s important to take good care of your bike through the winter season too.