27 June 2017

Taking Your Bike With You On Holiday


By Plane

Taking the plane can be a bit of a risky one with an expensive bike. Though baggage losses and delays are rare they still happen and can be a bad start to your cycling holiday if you’re without a bicycle. You also have to take in to consideration that your top of the range bike may be tough enough to get you up those hills but may not be tough enough to handle a flight with heavy luggage or rough baggage handlers. Another thing to consider is weight allowance and packing requirements to consider.

By Boat/Ferry

Travelling by boat or ferry can be a good option as a cyclist you get to load your bikes on to the ferry before the cars so that they can be safely placed at the side of the car deck and secured. The ferry can also be a good option if you’re taking your car.

By Car

If you’re staying on home turf or don’t live near a ferry port taking your car can be a good option. All you would need is a bike rack for the back of your car or a roof bike mount if you prefer. If you are using a roof bike mount and getting the ferry remember to check for any height restrictions. It’s also wise to check your accommodation for secure parking.

Organised Cycle Holidays

There are many companies who offer scheduled and guided cycle holidays or that just arrange transport. However, these can be pricey especially when travelling abroad and usually only cater to large groups. You could use a coach company to transport your bike but you may want to ask how they store the bikes and take into account how large the coach is, you don’t want your bike squashed in somewhere resulting in potential damage.

Cycle Hire

You could always do a little research before you go and find a cycle hire company in the area you’re visiting. If you don’t want the hassle of taking your bike renting one could be a good option. Just make sure they have the one you need in stock on your chosen dates and reserve it if possible.