17 May 2017

Six Benefits Of Cycling You Didn't Already Know


Reduces your risk of a cold

Studies have shown that regular exercise can decrease your risk of getting a cold by 50% and if you do get once can half the amount of time you’ll have the illness. This is due to the immune system which is responsible for keeping your body healthy, regular exercise like cycling keeps your immune system in good shape.

It improves depression

Research from an experiment that took groups of people diagnosed with depression found that people who followed an aerobic exercise plan showed just as much improvement in their depression systems as the group given the anti-depressants. It also showed that those who kept a regular exercise regime were less likely to relapse into depressive episodes.

It lowers blood pressure

This is because exercise like cycling can make your heart stronger which means it takes less effort to pump blood around the body, lowering your blood pressure.

It gives you more energy

It may sound contradictory but exercise does give you more energy. A study of people who suffer from chronic fatigue found that, when given an exercise regime to stick to after 3 months felt better and had more energy. After a year of incorporating regular exercise in to their lives most of them were able to resume their normal daily activities and some of them even went back to work. The effect of more mental alertness and an increase in energy when a regular exercise regime is implemented applies to those who don’t suffer from the illness too.

It helps you sleep better

The rush of endorphins you get after that monstrous hill climb does make you feel more awake but physically exhausted if you exercise in the morning or afternoon that hard work will pay off by helping you fall into a deep sleep later that night.

It’s good for joints

Cycling is a high intensity, low impact exercise meaning that you get a really good workout without putting too much pressure on your joints. According to research, professional cyclists who showed signs of arthritis didn’t feel any related pain until they stopped training with further research suggesting that not only does cycling not damage the joints but can help improve joint mobility and stability.

Obviously, there are many more advantages of choosing cycling as your main exercise form. Why not give it a try and hire a bike.