1 April 2015

Tyne Valley MTB Club


Tyne Valley MTB - Hexham

Tyne Valley MTB is a group of very keen and enthusiastic mountain bikers which was first established in 2009. They are heavily involved with all things cycling in and around the Northumberland MTB scene and their doors are open to any new recruits over the age of 14 with offers to both capable & competent to those who want to improve and advance on their previously gained experience.

Tyne Valley MTB club offers their members the following;

1.     opportunities for MTB enthusiasts to ride together & share route information
2.     campaign/negotiate for new and/or improved routes and facilities
3.     physically help repair or build routes for mountain biking
4.     create a means to apply for and receive funding to help achieve aims 2 & 3

The club's programme mirrors these aims whenever possible. The club co-ordinates rides for fit and competent MTBers and also for less skilful cyclists more or less split thus:

·         Wednesday evening rides between April and early September
·         Thursday evening rides most of the year
·         Saturday or Sunday half day or full day rides every fortnight or as required
·         Weekend and 3 day trips to ride further afield
·         A trans-Alps mountain biking tour every year - an ambitious and challenging multi-week linear end to end route is under development
Everyone is welcome to join Tyne Valley MTB, for more information about Tyne Valley MTB then call 01434 673038